Most of my recent work consists in making “pictural ceramic sculptures” associated with colours and highly inspired from nature such as sea, sand, beach, sky, or sunset for example.

Basically I use either stoneware or three types of clay like white, red, and black-firing earthenware.

The colours are made with clay and stains enrolled within plates of clay. These plates are slab built and so fixed one upon the other for the construction.

Each work is finished by a “once-firing” process in an electric kiln at 1250° C (stoneware) or 1040° C (earthenware).

I do attempt to reach a very compact figure and emphasise on using curves by giving monumentality a central feature.

I consider my ceramic pieces as authentic figures in space as well as carriers of a pictorial story on which the spectator, adult or child, is entirely free to use his own subjective fantasy as I attempted in making these works.